Innatraea is a massive habitable planet, denoted as a Class E super planet. Oddly not much is known about this massive world other than it exists. There are rumors that this world was once home to human class sub species quantified as “Innatraeans,” but they have long since gone extinct or undergone a mass exodus event of unknown detail.

Innatraea is the known Shedon homeworld, though there are rumors of many other races present on its surface. The solar system is however under heavy guard of The Shedon fleet which doesn't allow approach, survey or trade with this system. There have been various sporadic reports from smugglers and lost travelers, these are however few and far in-between. The data that does exist speaks of mythical strange creatures, archaic spiritual beliefs, and science that appears more like magic.

The Shedon themselves are therefore the best source of information about their home world. This has made them a species of great interest among scholars and scientists, whom they generally entertain with amusement but seem to answer their questions honestly enough. They are however unlike most other known races.

They seem to be immortal, making even their lowliest crew members incredible fonts of knowledge. They also do not seem to care about others’ definitions of partnering and seem to pick maes from any other race as they please. Another interesting note is that every member of their race proudly displays incredibly intricate glowing tattoos all over their bodies.

Though strange many other races treat The Shedon with great respect and caution. Because they are one of the few truly ancient races to still exist. They're wealth, knowledge, and power reflects this.