At the heart of every battle lies Coreanium, the celestial currency that fuels your journey to victory. This precious resource is not just a currency; it's your lifeline. Use Coreanium to summon mighty Cards, deploy awe-inspiring strategies and unleash the potential of your entire arsenal.

Planet Cards: The Heart of the Deck

Command the very essence of planets with our captivating Planet Cards. These are not mere summonable entities; they are permanent fixtures on the battlefield, each harboring 100 stored Coreanium. Utilize this stored energy to 'Warp' (Summon) Cards to the field and unleash powerful Planet Abilities. From terraforming landscapes to summoning celestial storms, these cards are the embodiment of planetary might. Master their unique abilities to conquer the cosmos.

Spaceships: Wreak Havoc, Gather Coreanium

Embark on cosmic voyages with Spaceship Cards. These are not transient entities but enduring forces that shape the destiny of the cosmos. Each player selects a combination of 3 ship classes: Research Vessel, Freight Vessel, and Fighter. Alternatively, they can opt for the mighty Capital Ship. Research Vessels employ a Dice Roll mechanic to locate Coreanium Deposits, Freight Vessels transport the precious Coreanium back to the Planet, and Fighters focus on field combat, potentially contesting discovered Coreanium Deposits.

Character Cards: Unleash Heroes and Villains

Engage in epic confrontations with Character Cards. Heroes and villains from across the galaxies bring their unique strengths and abilities to the battlefield. Strategically deploy these characters to outmaneuver your foes and secure the fate of the cosmos.

Effect Cards: Manipulate the Galaxy

Harness the very forces that govern the cosmos with our dynamic Effect Cards. These cards introduce a myriad of game-changing events, altering the fabric of reality to suit your strategic vision. Be prepared for unexpected twists as you wield the power to shape the battlefield itself.

Equipment Cards: Arm Your Forces

Equip cards with state-of-the-art gear using Equipment Cards. From advanced weaponry to cosmic artifacts, these cards enhance the capabilities of Characters and Spaceships. Customize forces to adapt to the ever-evolving challenges of the cosmic arena.

Trading Cards