The planet braxx is home to The Devout Emperioni, a remarkable race who are a testament to the profound interplay between spirituality and advanced civilization. Bearing an air of ancient mystique reminiscent of the distant past, the Devout Emperioni are united by their unshakable faith in the teachings of their prophetic founder, Elikar. Through centuries of devotion, they have evolved into a formidable society driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, an unparalleled bond with their planet's essence, and a unique blend of telekinesis and telepathy.

Many millennia ago, the planet Braxx faced a catastrophic cosmic event. A colossal asteroid, on a direct collision course with the planet, which threatened to wipe out all life. Panic and despair gripped the Emperioni populace as they faced the impending doom.

Amidst this despair, a lone prophet emerged, claiming to have received visions from the Cosmic Guardians. This prophet, named Elikar, foretold of a sacred ritual that would grant the Emperioni people a chance at survival. Elikar instructed the Emperioni to construct a colossal pyramid at the heart of their capital city, aligned precisely with the positions of the stars. This pyramid, he claimed, would channel the energy of the Cosmic Guardians, creating a shield capable of deflecting the impending asteroid.

Their society is defined by pyramid symbolism, mirroring their reverence for divine order and enlightenment. At the heart of their civilization stands Empyria, a city steeped in history, where monumental pyramids pierce the sky, reaching toward cosmic mysteries. Empyria's grandeur captures the essence of the Devout Emperioni's beliefs, and its ancient structures resonate with the power of their collective consciousness.

However, as their search for cosmic truths deepened, the Devout Emperioni's path led to the brink of arrogance. This culminated in the tumultuous "Exodus Wars," a turning point that tested their devotion and ushered the revelation of their own fallibility. Amidst the ruins of Empyria, the Devout Emperioni learned that the pursuit of unchecked power came at the cost of both their planet and their connection to their spiritual origins.